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About Russo Gourmet Foods Market

Russo Gourmet Foods Market is a family owned and operated business which offers a large selection of imported products and the convenience to buy general groceries like meat, poultry, dairy, and fresh crisp produce. Our family has been providing superb italian gourmet food for over 60 years.

Italian gourmet lunch at Russo Food and Market

At Russo Gourmet Foods Market you can enjoy:

      • Shopping
      • Eating
      • and  Relaxing

All in one place!

Russo offers an extraordinary selection of gourmet food items to accommodate every Catering event!!! Click to view Catering Brochure.  If you can not find it on the menu Russo Market will make it for you!! Whether you need appetizers, entrees, or  dessert we will make sure your next party planning is a pleasurable experience.

Russo Food and Market

About Italian Gourmet Food

Italian Regions

Italian gourmet food is one of the most varied cuisines.

Italian food is reflected by the cultural variety of the regions in italy and by the history of Italy, which was influenced by Greek, Roman, Norman and Arab civilizations. The Italian cuisine is considered as a prime example for a 'perfecto' cuisine, and is imitated all over the world.

The Roman cuisine for example usually uses sheep's cheese and organic meat, on the other hand, Tuscan cooking is using white beans and bread without salt.  In Rome the pizzas are very thin like crackers, and  Neapolitan and Sicilian pizzas are thicker. than their counterparts.  The Northern Italian dishes are influenced by French cooking, because of the proximity of the French border. Emilia-Romagna is number one with wheat production in italy, and is also known for their stuffed pasta. Napoli is considered as the home of pizza and mozarella.

The northern and southern Italian cuisines are very different, mainly because of the cooking oils and the style of pasta which is commonly used. The Northern Italian cuisine uses butter, cream, Mascarpone cheese, risotto and fresh egg pasta, on the other hand, the southern Italian cuisine you see Buffalo Mozarela, extra virgin olive oil and dried pasta. The Southern Italian cuisine use larger amounts of tomatoes.

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